06-02-2012 :: new release with new project: da carrera!
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> over the last months, i started a new project with two friends here in munich. our first release is available in stores since last week. here's the teaser:

"por una cabeza“: world’s most-famous tango now rocks the dance floors!

the three DJs “da carrera” pumped up the 1935’ classic hit from carlos gardel and converted the best-known tango for dance floors of the present.

tango & cash, adam eden, björn small (bonzai rec.) and guy x (fiberline audio, musashi rec.) have been asked to tweak the golden gramophone and their remixes in house, electro and trance style are will guarantee close courtship dances.

listen here

buy it here:

and, not to forget: like us on facebook!
23-06-2011 :: tomorrow: björn small @ universal, frisky radio
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> ‎2morrow, 5 pm cet: björn small @ universal radio show, frisky radio (san francisco).
60 minutes of modern and soulful dance music.
tune in at www.friskyradio.com!
05-12-2010 :: wintertime is sleep clinic time!
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> dear friends,
as many of you might know, i am compiling a very special mix every year during the winter season. music for relaxing times on the couch, in front of open fire or just in your warm bed! many people approached me already and expressed their very very urgent need to have some winter music for the cold season. so here it is:
sleep clinic 4
whenever you have trackrequests, feel free to approach me! i wish all of you a cool and snowy winter season! enjoy the music!
17-11-2010 :: back on duty: all engines running!
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> dear friends,

the last six months brought many many changes into my private life, but meanwhile, it all developed into something really good!
i hadn't had that much time for my music since years and besides this, there are some new collabs i started. it really feels like new energy and inspiration rushes through my head!

so to give you a small idea about what to come in the next time:
- i have loads of finished tracks in the pipeline which are about to be released on different labels soon! they have the full range of club smashers to more grovvy tools and melodic floaters. details to be revealed!
- secondly, i started a new musical project here in munich with some really talented guys! both have a long history in electronic dance music and we are short before the finishline of our first release! more news on that will follow!
- furthermore, i reactivated my former small & solo project with jan.solo from frankfurt/main. we just had an amazing 3-day-and-night-production session at my studio with two fantastic tracks as result! i'll keep you updated!
- planisphere invited my to a collab on his next album. we did not start on this yet, but we will do for sure!
- and last but not least: my long acclaimend downbeat album is finally ready. still looking for a label, but this shouldn't be a too big problem. i'm very curious about the reactions to this release!

as you can see - all engines started again! looking forward to hear from you! :-)
greetings from snowy munich!
11-02-2010 :: evil fridays in munich
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> oh how much fun we had at the eden bar last friday! this place is truely developing into the number one club for emotional, pumpin and upfront progressive house in munich!

next dates i can recommend:
19th of february - dany holm
26th of february - florian fischer

i'll be there for sure! what about you?
26-11-2009 :: björn small @ eden bar, munich
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> tomorrow night, the 27. november, i'll be playing at Heavenly Friday, an event known for it's exhibitions, readings, and some pretty good parties afterwards. if you are around, feel free to get in the game and expect heavenly music on a heavenly friday!
24-07-2009 :: once again: björn small for frisky radio, today, 3pm cet
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> One more time, I'll be guest in The Genre Show of DJ Kira. Today, there will be a more technoid mix with emotional and melodic athmospheres. tune in at 3pm (germany): frisky radio stream.
14-07-2009 :: björn small plays in berlin on friday, 17.7.
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> don't forget: this friday, the 17th of july, i'll be playing in the centrum club, berlin. the club is located at the alexanderplatz directly. so if you wanna party with me, be there on friday night! looking forward for seeing you!
14-07-2009 :: bonzai worx dj sessions 07 mixed by björn small
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> tomorrow, the 7th episode of the bonzai worx dj sessions is going to out. for this chapter, i arranged 14 tracks trying to send all listeners on a journey representing what i call a perfect dj mix. all tracks were choosen around the bonzai imprint dust. buy it at www.audiojelly.com!
04-07-2009 :: dj dates for july 2009
hey folks,
july is here, and it is the time for some frolicsome and sunny parties! so i am very happy to announce three dj gigs today:
- 17-07-2009: björn small @ music, friends & freakz, centrum berlin
- 24-07-2009: björn small @ the genre show, frisky radio
- 31-07-2007: björn small @ heavenly friday, eden munich

so if you're around the corner coincidentally, take the change and party with me! see ya!
24-04-2009 :: björn small on frisky radio - 15 h !!!
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> on the 24th of april, i will have a guest appearance in the well-known "the genre show" on frisky radio. the show is hosted by dj kira, who is a huge fan of my tracks and invited me to represent my current interpretation of good dancefloor music.
dj kira's first feedback was: "this is one of the best mixes I have had on the show in 3 years! love it!"
so tune in on friday, 24th of april at 2pm GMT (15h in germany): frisky radio!
More infos to be found now at the genre show page!
12-03-2009 :: dj bookings now via banshee entertainment!
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> since today, the collaboration with Banshee Entertainment is in place. Banshee Entertainment is the booking agency of Bonzai Records, my main record company. beside me, they represent djs like Airwave, John 00 Fleming and Miika Kuisma.

with focussing more on djing in 2009, i think this is a very good partner to get my definition of modern dancefloor music into the clubs. so please check it out here: Banshee Entertainment. if you look at the site thoroughly, you may also find a nice dj mix of mine...

by the way, i am just working on a dj mix which will be aired on Frisky Radio end of april! more infos to follow soon!
14-12-2008 :: new compilation out
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> one week ago, a new compilation showing the range of the last musashi releases came into stores. it is called 'musashi techniques vol. 1' and represents the works of the label's main producers. you will find three tracks related to me, namely 'deep sea trench' in the daniel holm remix, my 'embers' which was included in my album, too, and last but not least, an exclusive compilation track: 'tinku' in a brand new remix by planisphere! check it out and buy it via beatport.com or djdownload.com!
09-10-2008 :: new release: deep sea trench remix ep!
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> since this week, my newest release can be bought in stores. promotional copies have been spreaded and i'm expecting some good feedback!
buy the tracks at junodownload.com or trackitdown.net. soundsamples can be found below!
10-09-2008 :: remix by planisphere
well-known planisphere made a stunning and floating remix of one of my album tracks, namely 'tinku'. expect it to be released in november 2008, together with an antidote remix of 'parsec', which is still in production!
10-09-2008 :: one more licensing
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> my track 'just let go' has been licensed for another compilation named 'intergalactic anthems' by green martian. it was released this tuesday and is available at beatport.com oder djdownload.com.
23-08-2008 :: back with a new release
hi everybody, it's time to start all engines again! i finished my studies over the summer and have now the time put some of my energies into music again!

to start with, there will be a new release on bonzai musashi in september. the packages contains three tracks: 'pling pling' is a driving progressive track with a swirling, plingy melody. 'distant glimmer' is more on the stomping and dark edge of progressive, with soundscapes reminding on blade runner, if you know what i'm talking about. at last, there's a remix of my former deep sea trench: dany holm took the time and screwed a grrrrreat tune with a massive break! check them out below!

This text will be replaced

secondly, i'm about to finish my first downbeat album in the next time. more on this soon! i'm happy to be back!
23-08-2008 :: new licensing
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> end of july, one of the tracks of my latest album was licensed for the double mix cd 'tranceeternal'. the track is 'just let go', and it is the finishing track on cd 2. you may buy the cd package at amazon.com!
09-06-2008 :: a little status report
just to break the silence and keep you updated with what's happening here at the moment:

i'm about to finish my studying end of august and i'm writing my diploma thesis at the moment. so there's little time for my music left, unfortunately.

nevertheless, i just took the first steps to the my next release. there will be two new tracks and an exclusive remix of my former 'deep sea trench' by dany holm. but i don't expect them to be released before august. i'll keep you updated on this!

in the meantime, to bridge the time a bit, i recommend a special track to you:
miika kuisma - one morning at the riverside (life in streams remix). this is just beautiful.

talk soon!
25-03-2008 :: promo set on di.fm
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> Airwave, one of my label's most famous producers, is going to broadcast a 30 minute special about my album in his monthly radio show "progrez" on di.fm. tune in to the progressive channel this wednesday, the 26th of march, at 8 pm cet and see what Airwave pops out of the album!
25-03-2008 :: a sense of occasion - out since 18th of march!
<? echo $news_array['topic']; ?> my very first album "a sense of occasion" is out since this tuesday and is available worldwide through services like beatport.com, junodownload.com and audiojelly.com! dancebeatz.com rated the whole thing 9.5/10 finally, and "stars behind clouds" as well as "embers" entered the djtunes.com charts on place 4 and 5! more news soon!