aged 00

born 1981 in mainz / germany

aged 03

strongly influenced by the so-called "skigymnastic-tapes" by my father

aged 08

starting education on piano

aged 10

first contact to electronic music ("james brown is dead…")

aged 12

switching over to playing keyboards

aged 14

rave is on itīs climax. i am absorbing these times.

aged 16

first attempts as a dj

aged 17

first gig in a club, a residency follows

aged 19

music production comes into my focus

aged 20

finished school with abitur-certificate, started community service

aged 21

pure clubbing year, had enough time and money ;-)

aged 22

starting to study at university

aged 23

first release on bonzai records, belgium

aged 24

making music at night, studying over the day, partying during the week

aged 25

leaving home for new experiences, music travels with me wherever i am

aged 26

looking back to over 50 tracks released on labels like Progrez, Green Martian, Musashi, ZYX, Bonzai Classics, Ascension, HitMania; played by DJs like Paul Oakenfold, John 00 Fleming, Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz, Airwave, Matt Darey,..

aged 27

pushing my music onto a higher level of purity, definition and expression